‘I burn, I freeze; I am never warm. I am rigid; I forgot softness because it did not serve me.’
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The anon leans close to Kamina's ear, then whispers slowly, seductively... "Kissu me, baby"

                                             ”Oh — sweetheart ——”


                “You sure know how to make a strong man weak in the knees!

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Mythology Meme || (6/10) Women of the Norse Pantheon

Hail, Huntress whose arrows fly truest,
Hail, Cold One whose heart beats blue fire
beneath your breast of snow. 
Hail Skadi, whose tracks lead us beyond the white cold,
into memory, into forgetting, into slow sleep.

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Hey, big guy with the weird shades!


                    Hey, little guy with the mech that’s too big for him!

"Good morning, Kamina!" Kneeling down next to the fire, frying pan in hand, Mami had a bright smile on her face. Why? "Look what I found," She turned the pan a bit, revealing four white shapes inside, with yellow spots on top. "Eggs! And nothing even chased me when I took them, either. The mother was dead next to the nest, which I honestly thought was quite grisly, and a little strange..." She cleared her throat. "Er, anyway, I do hope you like them over easy."

               Kamina rolled over, and was just as quickly staring a lump of butter in the face. Well, what would be its face if butter had a face. Oh, wait, false alarm, never mind all of that — it was just Mami’s hair. He sighed and sat up Indian-style. She was sure in a good mood considering what she’d put down just hours ago. So women had zero memory skills and absolutely no mood consistency — and men were the dumb ones? He scratched his head in deep pondering, and he saw what he presumed to be a flea falling to the ground. Well, that couldn’t have come from his head.

     Eh, whatever. He dismissed it all and turned to face Mami.

                               ”Hn? I ain’t had that before —— that I know of.
                               There’s simple stuff like that lying around, too?”

He made a big ol’ display out of yawning, and then leaned forward and whispered in a surprisingly quiet voice that still sounded a little groggy from sleep.


                                   ”So how hard ‘d ya hit your head?
                                      Bonus points if you’re honest.”


                                             Eternal life, 
                                                      (they say it is)
                                                                  the ultimate gift; 

                                                   but to live
                                                           forever, is to

                                                                  D I E

                                                       ten thousand times.

                                           The longer you live,
                                                          the more you will lose,
                                     you will have to watch everyone
                                                                     you have ever loved, 
                                                                                         D I E.

                                           {          There is
                                                                    N O T H I N G

                                                    in this world to fill an
                                                               eternity.                     }

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‘My poor mother
begged for a sheep
but raised a wolf.’
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